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Default Heavy Sad Iron.... 7 Lb.'er...

Picked today at a local thrift. Decorative handle, someone in the past must have taken preservation action as it is really "clean" . Easily visible "C" (without the usual shield surround) followed by XX and the number "7". Iron face is almost immaculate. I would think this must have been a tailor shop version as my arm and hand was shaking after a bit of simulated use. (note to self - hit the gym when they re-open). This heavy iron now takes the place of my heaviest. I tried to walk away but it called me back. I gave $10. I have tried (on-line) to trace the foundry without luck. (Last week I picked a 6 lb. "St. Louis" heavy sad iron at another Thrift ). Please share if you know anything about the "C" issue. Thanks.
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