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Default Re: Advice on Best Brand/age to Cook With?

Mike, very personal question of what one person likes to the next person enjoys.
Every one has his or her preference of weight balanced and feel of handle. Iím a fan of a few for what I would do make dinner with for different things.

Some are very old big name and some not to collectable but still far older than me and cook like a dream. You will find what you like and feel free to use and add others that seem work the best for you.

It doesnít need a fancy big logo or a top name in a book to cook dinner. Back then it was just a pan/skillet.

Enjoy your new old school cooking. You will know what fits yourself and style of what types of food seems to fit most areas.

To be honest Iím not a collector of cast iron but have
Many old ones to cook with and enjoy. Still on the hunt for a few more. And yes I do have a small preference and unfortunately sellers think they were made of gold.
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