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Default Re: Old Cast Iron Vs New Steel Pans?

Originally Posted by Dan B View Post
A large amount of the appeal of collecting old CI for folks in this community is the thrill of the hunt...
I can see the thrill of the hunt. However, sky-high prices as seen on eBay isn't a 'thrill' for someone like myself. A $5 dollar skillet at a flea market or estate sale sure but, not a $50~250 skillet at auction or eBay with a $20 shipping fee.

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Originally Posted by EricC View Post
Why CI over SS?

- Seasoned CI has non-stick properties, SS does not.
- CI has better volumetric heat capacity, as in once it gets hot it stays hot, less sensitive to temperature changes from adding food, etc.
- CI has much better emissivity, as in it radiates heat better. SS has very low emissivity, you're really mostly cooking through direct contact / conduction, while with CI you're cooking with both conduction and radiation of heat.
- CI is easier to clean.
Exactly why I started using cast iron in my first apartment during college - thermal capacity! Putting the skillet on the stove a 1/2 hour early or in the oven was important with the anemic appliances I had access to.

Do you want to sear your steak or 'steam' it? Cough, sputter, etc. or preheat?

Preheating was a lifesaver for me during college and my early post-college years. A 12K BTU natural gas burner in my first house was a big draw for me. I finally had a cooktop and oven that heated evenly and put out enough heat to actually cook food as opposed to steaming it.

My friends never really understood my love for 'old school' cast iron nor how I could get a nice sear on a steak when they couldn't do the same on their stove with a Teflon skillet.
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