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Default Electrolysis Tank - Newbie!

I set up my first electrolysis tank yesterday evening and it appears to be working but I'm not sure. I'm using a 20 gallon plastic tub, rebar for the anode, and a newly purchased 12V/6V battery charger. It seems to be working okay; the piece is very rusty. I noticed the battery charger would blink green yesterday and today but after unplugging, disconnecting the positive and negative clamps, and pulling the cast iron piece for inspection this evening that once I tried to set it all back up, the battery charger isn't blinking green. Does that mean it's not working? The surface of the bath is very foamy but I'm not seeing active bubbles coming up. I used OxiClean washing soda and specifically looked for sodium carbonate as the main ingredient (not sodium bicarbonate).
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