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I'm like you and have only ever done pans with electrolysis, but after reading about how well lye takes 'crud (but not rust) off a pan I realized the think I hate about my electrolysis baths are that the tank gets gunked up in no time flat. If I can get the majority off with a lye bath, and let the electrolysis (yes, I'll still do that step) only handle any rust or whatever, then I'll be able to get more use of the electrolysis bath, and the sacrificial anode won't be as cruddy, as quickly. Today I did my 1st piece (the mess attached) and a few hours in, the 'crud' is falling away. If I'd done this in the E-bath, it would have made the whole tank very gross. I bought lye crystals off of Amazon and am very happy with it so far.
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