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Default First Time Using My Grandmother's Aebleskiver Pan

Hello All,

I'm so pleased with the result of making my first aebleskiver in my newly refurbished grandmother's pan. (Many thanks to whoever wrote the refurbishing instructions on this site.) A few things to mention:

1. I used a recipe from a website written by a guy from Denmark. It uses a sourdough starter and the aebleskiver were delicious. But not only was it a wonderful recipe, he had a video that showed exactly what to do to make them. Absolutely perfect directions, and if you're a first time aebleskiver maker, I strongly suggest you watch his video, even if you don't use his recipe*.

2. This might be the most exciting thing, though - it turns out my grandmother's pan (a Griswold 962) is warped. On one side, the fire ring rises at least 3/8 above the cooking surface. To make matters potentially worse, I cook on a glass top stove. But here's the exciting part - it didn't seem to matter at all. I did see a slight difference when I coated each cup with butter. The butter in one of the cups sizzled slightly less vigorously, but if I wasn't looking for it, I never would have known the difference. Each aebleskive was equally cooked and consistently golden.

*If you're interested in the aebleskiver website:
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