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Default Seller Said Vollrath, but I'm Not Sure


I'm looking for some help identifying this one, or verifying if it might be a Vollrath.

The skillet has a No. 8 raised on the handle, but no other markings that I can tell.

There's also an inset heat ring, and a little pitting here and there. The two spouts seem a bit smaller and angled more vertically than on my Vollrath No. 5.

The owner told me that he thought it was a Vollrath because of the handle shape. I have a 100% Vollrath No. 5, and while the handle is familiar in design, the rest of it is fairly different.

I also have a No. 5 pan that revealed itself to be a three-notch Lodge after several soaks in a lye bath, so I'm wondering if this is a no-notch Lodge.

Regardless, it cooks cornbread incredibly well!

Thank you!
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