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So, a friend got a Wagner 1891 D/O (I know, nothing special) that had a Pyrex glass lid. Having obtained a Wagner Sidney O D/O for myself (w/o a lid), I started looking for one. I came across what looked like an older Pyrex lid, so I started doing a little research, and found this website.

Using the number on my lid, I found out that it was made somewhere between 1926 & 1932. And my guess is that Wagner might not have made the lids that Doug posted about, but rather they had them made, possibly by Pyrex. But that's just a guess. But I saw lids that looked a lot like those posted above on this site. I haven't looked, but I'll bet those 4 digit numbers Doug posted might be found there.

And FWIW, doing "research" was how I found you guys. Just sayin'.
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