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Default Re: P & B Dutch Oven

That is one nice "pig ear" dutch oven. Doug is spot on with the maker and the age. I would like to see the bottom to place a closer date. If the three legs are round it would fall into a later date. If the legs are shaped like the letter D with the flat of the D facing inward the date is earlier. The lid is the early pattern due to the join mark in the middle of the handle. Assuming the lid is the mate to the pot (is there any slop, movement between the lid and pot, major movement) it will place prior to the 1900"s. I would like to see the gatemark on the pot. The size of the gate mark matters in shotgun dating these sweet old fireplace cooking utensils.
It will make a mean pot roast, or as stated, chili. A 100 years + - later.

A Benjamin Franklin plus shipping as is.??
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