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Default Re: Painted Care Bear Skillet

I used Strypeeze and #0000 steel wool to remove most of the paint. I will set up a lye bath to remove the remaining paint and crud when the weather gets a bit warmer. After I removed the paint, I noticed a reinforced lip and what may be either rough casting or a sprue mark (about 1" in diameter) on the back bottom center of the skillet. The skillet's dimensions follow: Inside diameter - 8 3/4", Spout to Spout - 10", Total Length - End of Handle to Opposite Edge - 13 1/2" - Diameter of Heat Ring - 6 1/2". The molder's mark on this skillet appears to be much larger than other molder's marks I have seen on Lodge skillets. I welcome your thoughts regarding the skillet's manufacturer and/or whether you believe it is a recast.
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