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Default Re: An Interesting Question....

Sean D,
I say, unequivocally, "To each, their own".
Alas, there's a bit of "judgement" that seems to come from whether or not one acquires their CI in the wild. Sour grapes is all, from the vocal minority. I'd hope the bulk of us realize that, like others have said, it's an Individually Tailored Mix of time vs money vs interest vs logistics. Unique to a person and any given day. Really, it's just people being people. Each, one of a kind.
So I say shop away, it's your money, life, and happiness that YOU are in pursuit of. Besides, it's also just as fun to look around online. We all love "antiquing" at heart, right? Real vs Virtual is becoming blurrier and blurrier anyway. Nothing wrong with progress, OR the older ways, they're just different. They don't have to be at odds. A classic Stripes movie line comes to mind... "lighten' up, Francis!" lol.
Happy Hunting!! (in the Wild OR the Shooting Gallery!!)
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