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Default Re: Erie 2nd Series #9 Star Makers Mark Restoration

Thanks for the offer, James. I'm in Farmington and visit Abq occasionally so I'll reach out if I decide to do the restore process on these pans again.

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I've started over on the #11 but decided to go ahead and post pics and lessons learned.

Lessons learned using the Basic Restoration process
- patience, following recommendations, asking questions, and having a plan paid off
- avoid wrapping pan in a large trash bag (40-50gallon) because lye will be coated on the inside and can be an issue if not careful when reaching in to pull the pan out. The 13gallon size worked better for me.
-not all latex gloves are appropriate for handling easy off. At first I used 7mil painting gloves and could feel the lye sting. I upgraded to 14-17mil gloves and didnt have an issue.
-Scotch Brite SS scrubbing pads are a good option when Chore Boys cannot be found.
-when scrubbing a pan in the sink, place a cloth down or the pan to rest on to avoid sink damage.
-removing crud with an expired credit card didnt work for me but I would try it again.
-while a pan is soaking in a vinegar bath face up, I found it beneficial to place a small piece of plastic under the pan to create distance from the tub so that the vinegar solution can get to it
-silicone oven mitts thankfully didnt melt to the 350 degree pans.
-crisco as a seasoning fat worked great for me. I did only the initial seasoning round.
- unrelated but if taking pics throughout the process, be consistent with shot angles and lighting. Also take notes as they progress
-my attic was a better option than the garage for a lye soak in winter as it was about 30 degrees warmer in the attic.
-scrubbing a dry pan with a dry steelwool pad seemed to work better than wet. The packaging recommends wearing gloves and eye protection but I would also recommend wearing a mask when scrubbing dry. Those steelwool fibers get everywhere.

Erie 1st Series #11 in Progress

Erie 2nd Series #9 Restored

Erie 3rd Series #12 Restored

So, they look restored to me but I'm a newbie. If I need to address any issues that you notice, please let me know. I've started over with the #11 and will post the final restore pics when complete. Thanks to everyone for following along on this journey.
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