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Default Re: An Interesting Question....

I have a system that's been working for me when I'm shopping: unless I know exactly what I'm looking at and I know it's a great deal and it's something I really wanted already, I just take photos and go home. That gives the spendy monster in my brain time to cool off. I'll do some research, ask some questions, and go back another day if it's something I still want after the heat of the moment.

I overpaid for my first find, which was only three or four weeks ago. It was a BSR #5 that just felt so damn good in my hand. It's really pretty and makes the best omelettes. So I don't feel bad paying $25 for something I really love and use a couple times a week.

This past weekend I bought a colonial breakfast skillet marked down from $110(?!) to $60. I didn't have my shiny new BB with me, and I didn't care. I had to have this stupid, useless, magnificent artifact immediately. Some things are too good to pass up and are worth a small premium.
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