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Default Re: Griswold #6 Rust?

Hard to tell for sure but I donít see rust. It just looks like uneven seasoning. It sort of looks like acidic foods such as tomato sauce may have taken some of the seasoning off. I personally wouldnít strip and reseason. Just keep using it and it will even out and darken. Try not to use acidic foods until it gets really seasoned. As far as the place in the center not taking seasoning. Does food stick there and not in the other areas of the pan? If so Iíd just try adding a layer of seasoning without stripping. Just scour it really good and reseason on whatís there. I reseason on top of my existing seasoning every once in a while. Instead of stripping and starting from scratch. The burnt on layer of carbon is too hard to get so itís counterproductive to remove it. New layer of seasoning on top and keep cooking.
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