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Nice!! I’m thrilled to know they’re over a century old. They really are useful pots. But why Scotch pots? Butterscotch? I could see that needing constant stirring.

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Originally Posted by LVaughn View Post
From the prices I see in my area you got a great buy on the last one and a pretty good buy on the first one.
Whereabouts are you from? Honestly, I see some totally ridiculous prices. One of the dealers at an antique shop was trying to pump me for information, haha. He said, “I heard anything with Griswold and Wagner on it is worth big money. What should I sell this for”? It was a griddle. I said i wouldn’t go any higher than 30. A week later he had it priced for 90. It’s been sitting there for about 4 months now.
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