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Don't think there could be mineral oil, unless the person who gave me the MCT oil inadvertently gave me mineral oil.

I thought about other pieces smoking too, but upon opening the oven when my smoke alarm went off, you could see smoke pouring off of the DO quite clearly. I've only seasoned a couple of dozen pieces, so I don't have a great depth of experience, but I've used the same process on all of them (200 degrees, Crisco, wipe off, 300 degrees, wipe again, 400 degrees for two hours and then leave to cool in oven) and never had this happen. Maybe I got this piece REALLY clean and it just absorbed a good deal of the MCT oil, or I didn't do as thorough a job of removing it as I had thought. Or perhaps it was Evaporust burning off! Too many variables.

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Also, I did consider doing this tomorrow at 350, but my instinct is to burn off whatever this is, since I use my DOs to bake bread at 500. So it's either gonna have to get 'de-smoked' or not be a user.

Now that I think about it, it's odd that ones that I've seasoned purely with Crisco have been fine at 500. I thought Crisco's smoke point was around 400 too...
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