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I suspect all of the pieces produced some smoke... since that's kind of what polymerizing fats/oils is... breaking down of the oil.. its just that you didn't happen to catch the other pieces 'in the act'. and I'm one of the 'weird' people who don't think the oven temp needs to actually 'exceed' the stated smoke point of the oil for the oil to break down and polymerize completely. There are a lot of variables in different types and even different batches of oil and the true smoke point could be 30-40 deg F in either direction of the one single number listed in a chart on the internet... if the piece produces smoke, then you've reached the 'smoke point' of the oil in that particular situation. I also don't think the 'cleveland open cup' method used to determine the smoke point of an oil is a good measurement of the smoke point of the oil when placed in a microscopically thin layer on something with a lot of surface area (like cast iron cookware)... its a fairly good guideline for comparison of different oils.. but it isn't carved in stone.

there isn't any chance that there was mineral oil on the dutch oven that smoked like crazy is there?
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