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Well, I had a go at seasoning the DO in question today. I also had a couple of Erie skillets in the same seasoning batch that I had also used Evaporust on, although they didn't smell of it.

Short version is the DO itself - but not the lid - started smoking like crazy at 400F and never really stopped until I got the heat down. But it basically just smelled like Crisco always does when seasoning.

But there's an X factor that renders this inconclusive. I had wiped both Erie pans and the DO (and lid) with MTC (refined coconut oil) last night because I had them completely cleaned up from the lye and Evaporust baths and wanted to minimize flash rusting. I read up on it a little and it sounds like some people use it for seasoning CI and carbon steel, so I wiped it off to dry appearance but didn't bother washing it off this morning. Got everything to 200, applied Crisco. Went up to 300, wiped everything again, then up to 400. That's when the DO started smoking like crazy. I went down to 350 and it stopped smoking after ten minutes or so.

Because I mixed coconut oil and Crisco, it's hard to say why it smoked so much. It is odd that the DO lid and both Erie skillets didn't smoke at all. I'll do another round of seasoning tomorrow with all of these pieces and see what happens. At some point I need to completely burn off whatever is smoking, to make the DO usable...I've always been leery of seasoning on a grill because I worry it is more prone to warp items, but I may have no choice due to the smoke factor. I guess if I put it on a rack away from direct flame I should be ok.
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