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Default Evaporust

I've used this on a few pieces to good effect. Works quickly and I already had a gallon sitting around from my espresso machine restoration projects. Here's the weird thing: I'm working on a Wagner #7 DO and it seems to be retaining the odor of the Evaporust. None of the other pieces I used it on did this. In the videos the company has on their website, they just rinse it off without soap and then season the CI piece. I've been washing it off with Dawn just as I would post-lye bath. But this DO still has the odor of the Evaporust after washing several times. Has anyone else encountered this issue? According to the tech sheet, it has a flash point of 290F. I really don't want to create a fire hazard while seasoning these pieces, if in fact there's still some on there.

I've considered the possibility that the DO itself just has a funky smell, but not only does Evaporust have a pretty distinctive odor, but it seems very unlikely that the CI would still smell after a decent soak in the lye bath.
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