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Default Dremel for Cleaning Stubborn Crud

I know (powered) wire brushing is a terrible idea on vintage CI, with the distinct possibility of damaging the finish. I have discovered there is a power-assisted way to get of stubborn carbon deposits and even some rusty spots: a Dremel with the rubber brush buffing attachment. Used on the low setting, this will get those last stubborn bits off very quickly with no ill effect on the piece. I had the realization while working to clean off some skillets that had been in my lye bath for a couple of weeks and still had some baked on carbon. I've used the same attachment to remove limescale in vintage espresso machine restoration, and recalled it left no marks on bronze, brass, and stainless work pieces. Sure enough, it got the crusty carbon right off and - used carefully on the low setting - leaves no scratches or buff marks. It's particularly helpful for getting residue out of lettering/numbering grooves.
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