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Default Welcome to The Cast Iron Collector Forums! And A Word About Email Addresses

Welcome to The Cast Iron Collector Forums!

About email addresses:

Unfortunately, abuse by spammers of free email addresses from hotmail, GMail, AOL, etc. is so widespread that many forums, including this one, have found it necessary to prohibit registrations using addresses from those and certain other domains.

Since the system cannot differentiate which of those addresses belong to legitimate registrants (or are paid versions), it must unfortunately reject any and all from those widely abused services.

Registrations using temporary disposable email address services will also likely be rejected or declined as those addresses quickly expire and cannot be used for lost password resets, etc.

Since the forum does not use your email address for any purpose other than registration, password retrieval, or only very occasional contact, you can be assured that an email address such as one provided by your ISP will not be shared with any other parties. Email addresses are not visible to forum visitors or other members.
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