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Default Re: Curiosity Question..( WAPAK )

Originally Posted by Doug D. View Post
While selling or giving the competition patterns are both extremely unlikely, making pans from stolen patterns would be unfathomably foolish, especially if you put your name on them.
in researching some of the history of labor strife and prison labor in relation to foundries sometimes there were some really odd things that happened when one foundry was shut down because of a strike, there are reports of them loaning patterns to another foundry to create some product (In the interest of beating the strikers or enabling the foundry to fill orders and get cash to help the company outlast the strikers. or prisons copying products from an actual foundry and then competing against them in the marketplace (with cheaper labor).. to eventually the foundry shutting down the legitimate foundry and having the prison do all of their production... just to sort of stay in business.
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