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Default Omelet Cooked with Olive Oil

First, I like the taste of good quality fresh extra virgin Olive oil. Maybe you've been to a party were they had real fresh extra virgin Olive oil and artisan bread for dipping...that's something I love. I realize not everyone enjoys the flavor of Olive Oil, then this may not be the recipe for you.

A plain Omelet cooked in Olive oil will let the oil flavor come through, Now I didn't realize this until I seen Christopher Kimball on a episode of America's Test Kitchen (not the video linked to below, because you need s subscription to America's test kitchen's website for the long version) But this short facebook video explains some of the science, that I can't easily convey.

My recipe for this has evolved, so here is my current version.

3 eggs whipped with fork until frothy
pinch of salt and pepper (before cooking)
2 Tblsp Olive Oil in a Hot...smokin hot 9" cast iron skillet.

Now this goes quick, like 60 seconds quick. Have a pre-heated plate handy.

-Pour in the eggs.
-cook 10 seconds then tilt skillet to move the liquid part of eggs to one side, then slide the other half of eggs to middle with spatula.
-tilt skillet the other way. cook 10 seconds, then slide the other half of eggs to middle with spatula.
-Cut Heat
-tilt skillet again, cook 5 seconds.
-split the Omelet in half (cut axis opposite of the tilting), then flip each half, then quickly remove the mostly cooked (but not totally cooked) omelet from the skillet and "pile" it on pre-heated plate. The omelet will finish cooking in 10 to 15 seconds.

The Omelet will be light and fluffy if it doesn't get over's easy to get it over cooked, because it's hard to believe you are cooking a 3 egg omelet in about 60 seconds...and it's just natural instinct to want to cook it longer.
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