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Default Re: Cahill Iron Works - Chattanooga TN

This is an aged thread, but I will respond as to what I know. John Thomas Cahill was one of many foundry folks located in the City of Chattanooga. He prospered in his business after the Civil War. I am the proud owner of a Cahill high dome dutch oven, #5 skillet, #8 skillet, and a #12 skillet. Cahill is known for their fire place andions, grates, surrounds, enameled sinks, bath tubs, water fountains, and cast iron store fronts and not so much for their skillets. Cahill pre-dated Blacklock and Lodge operations. I believe, but have no proof, that when Cahill sold to Crane enamel in 1922, that Lodge bought the patterns for the hollowware from Crane. The early Lodge high dome dutch over looks very much like the Cahill high dome dutch over. My Cahill dutch oven lid has the basteing drippers. This was way before the Lodge or Blacklock foundry came into being.
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