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Default Re: Cahill Iron Works - Chattanooga TN

Originally Posted by JBPoole View Post
Went to a sale over the weekend and saw a very nice old skillet that looked very much like a BSR. On the bottom center it had CAHILL in a diamond. At 6 o'clock was 107. There was a very small plus sign on the bottom of the handle. I skipped on it because I had never heard of Cahill.

Tried to research it that night. The ONLY picture I could find was a Cahill griddle posted on this forum. Seems that Cahill was noted for andirons, fire place grills and cast iron bathtubs. Mr. Cahill died young and the company was eventually bought by Crane, the bathroom fixture folks.

Went back the next morning and the skillet was still there! It appears to be a #7 and has a really smooth cooking surface.

I'm thinking that my skillet may be extremely rare. I wonder if a piece can be so uncommon that people do not collect them because they are unaware of their existence...

Anyone have any info to share on Cahill? Any guess regarding it's worth?
Being a new member I am not sure how all this works but here goes my efforts regarding the Cahill cast iron.
Found a piece yesterday at the local flea market labeled CAHILL inside the diamond shaped logo. Never heard of the brand but the piece was in excellent shape with the usual buildup from years of use.
I assume it is a chicken fryer due to the handle and depth of the pan. It is 3 3/4" deep with an inside dia. of 9 3/4". The bottom has a one piece heat ring with a notch in it at the 12 O'clock position with the number 8 just below the notch. At the 6 O'clock position the number 128 appears. Bottom side of handle has two dots at the tip of the tear-drop loop. Top side of handle has the number 8. Pot has two pour spouts at the 9 & 3 O'clock positions and a flat extended tab at the 12 O'clock position. Inside is smooth no pitting and no cracks. Wish I had the original lid that matched this pot but since I could not find any pictures of any Cahill cast iron I would not have any idea of what to look for. Hope this helps in regards to Cahill cast iron.
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