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Default Another New Guy from the MID-WEST

Hey all. Just stumbled across this site. Looks like a great place.

So the thing that brought me here is my moms cast iron skillet. I think I know what it is but you guys can confirm please.

I believe it's a Lodge three ring from the 40's-50's. The only writing on it is a number 8. And it has the blob. But no other markings that I can see.

Here's the funny part of the story. It's been in the cabinet for 20 years unused. Last year my kid confiscated it. But he said it made him sick. He's a so called vegan. Said what ever was in it made him sick. I hope he had sense enough to clean it,,,lol. Anyway. He gave it back.

So last week he decides to go get him a new skillet. He got a new lodge. Guess what. It's the same one except new,,,,lol.

So I researched mine and think I'm correct on the vintage. Told him he bought the same thing but not as good,,,lol. And thanks for giving it back.

So it wasn't in all that bad of shape. I re-seasoned it with Crisco. I'm enjoying the heck out of it. I make my breakfast in it along with making my coffee with my moms old percolator,,,lol.

So is this from the 40's-50's? Ah. These pics look bad. I'll have to go clean it out and take better pics.
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