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Default Re: What Brand Do You Collect And Why?

I collect because it's fun and a learning experience, and I prefer using CI to aluminum and fancy stuff as seen on TV. For frugality, I've limited myself to one of each "major" brand and, because we use everything I've collected (so far), I've added a little variety with a waffle iron, muffin and bread pans.
I have a smiley Favorite fryer with lid, a 14 Lodge skillet (my pizza pan), slant and LB Griswold skillets, an Indian Wapak, a Sidney Holloware 3-hole handle, a 10 Wagner Ware skillet (my go-to), a Martin hangover, Griswold 932 abelskiver, 948 muffin pan, a 950 NES type 5 on it's way, Sydney arc, Erie 9 first series, Lodge and Favorite no.8 DO's, Wagner chef (another go-to), a logo'd Vollrath, and a gate-marked no.7 shallow pan that travels with me when I go outdoors.
Hopefully I'll be able to finally add a no.10 block lettered Wagner to the list this year - fingers crossed!
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