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Default Re: Did I get bamboozled??

Doug and Sharon, thank you so much for your valuable input and quick responses ! I would certainly put myself under the "CI user" vs. "CI collector" at this point...with a goal of reaching a combined "CI user AND collector" status on day : ) This input is helping me along my way.

I'm glad at least two experts validated my purchase as a reasonable one, and that i'll get good use out of this DO! My thoughts at the time were, you can barely touch a knock-off Le Creuset DO for that price (which I've been coveting as well! haha) least I get all the charm and quality of a cast iron piece, and that's worth every penny!

Thanks again - Cheers !

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Oh, and Doug - to answer your question...I assume the "c/n" is that 1285 number? If so, then yes the bottom of the roaster also reflects that same number that's on the lid (it's harder to see with all the crud build up on the bottom). YAY ! i think that's even better news then : )

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