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Default Re: Anybody Want to Take a Guess on This One?

Originally Posted by David P Fortin View Post
Could be Asian. I have read about a place in Tiwain and also one in Korea that made a lot of copies and they used a Lodge for the design. If the notches were offset than that is probably what it is.
I've seen lots of 'asian' copies of 3 notch lodge pans... and they always have the notches in the normal places (9, 12 and 3 oclock)... sometimes they add an extra notch at 6... but I've never seen an asian version or any version before that had 3 notches in these positions. and nothing else about the casting makes me think asian... the casting quality and finish don't seem to match to what I'm used to seeing from korea or tiawan pieces from the 1960's or 70's.
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