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Default Re: Martin (King Stove & Range) Spider / Hearth Spider

Originally Posted by D_Madden View Post
yes. I think the 10 is much more common... love to see pics of the 11.

yeah, I read the part in the red book but wasn't sure of the time line... it seems to imply that either they operated King S&R in Sheffield Al and the Martin S&R in Florence Al at the same time and that they may have made K S&R in the Martin foundry... so that 1905 - 1920's era is kind of confusing.
If you read the first paragraph it implies that the history of the two companies have been lost in time and that what was written at the time of publishing in the RB was simply based on sketchy records and speculation. I have the #8 KS&R skillet shown on p. 203 and even though the skillet is very smooth and not warped the casting has a few flaws at the skillet rim. I thought about selling it at one time but decided to keep it due to the fact that they don't appear that often at the markets I hunt at. May try and post the #11 in the near future but too busy restoring a 1983 travel trailer at present.
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