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Default Re: Martin (King Stove & Range) Spider / Hearth Spider

Originally Posted by MDFraley View Post
Nice piece. I have the #11 which I consider a bit harder to come across. Don't think I ever posted it here on CIC.
There is a bio on page 202 of the RB that has the history of the KS&R and the MS&R and how the two companies merged to eventually form the Martin Stove and Range and thus become Martin Industries.
yes. I think the 10 is much more common... love to see pics of the 11.

yeah, I read the part in the red book but wasn't sure of the time line... it seems to imply that either they operated King S&R in Sheffield Al and the Martin S&R in Florence Al at the same time and that they may have made K S&R in the Martin foundry... so that 1905 - 1920's era is kind of confusing.
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