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Default Re: Finding EBay Sellers That Specialize in Cast Iron?

Welcome to CIC Jack K, Lots of good info here, read and ask questions.

Originally Posted by Jack K View Post
Is there a way to identify eBay sellers that specialize in selling cast iron cookware?

Many thanks,
That is a hard question to answer. It seems like every antique dealer, weekend warrior, scrap man, picker, and everyone else sells cast iron. Some know what they are doing and some do not, just like auto mechanics. And some just want to sell cracked junk.

Best thing I can offer is that you know what you are looking for and what condition you want ( dirty, clean, seasoned, pitted, rusty) Price can be based on a lot of things, sometimes no rime or reason. But condition, rarity, cleaned and seasoned, marked v unmarked, age, will greatly effect the price. Also and this is a big one, does the shop / person selling know how to pack and ship cast iron. Get insurance on any purchase.
Lots of information on this site as you know and also lots go help from other posters.

Do not limit yourself to just eBay, as MDFarley posted "I see more desirable pieces on ETSY than eBay" Etsy is not an auction site so that might somewhat make it easer for you. Also what I wrote above applies to any where cast iron is sold not just eBay. Tread slow, you will get a feel for it.
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