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Default Re: Finding EBay Sellers That Specialize in Cast Iron?

Jack....Your question is a good one. Most eBay sellers tend to list on the high side and if their item doesn't sell within a given amount of time they will show a percentage "off" the original listed price. Kind of like a "switch and bait thing" if you know what I mean.
I've found thru experience that you have to go into a bidding practice where by you have a maximum you're willing to spend on an item and when it goes beyond that target just walk away. I look at the item based on its value (as a collector or re-sale) and see what the seller is asking for shipping. Based on those factors I set my maximum bid price and stay the course.
For example: If a piece of CI is valued at $300 and the seller wants $50 to ship it than $250 is my max set bidding price.
Another rule to practice is to stay away from pieces that a seller has listed where as the pieces are not cleaned and or are rusted. More times than not those pieces have something wrong with them and if the seller has no interest in presenting them for maximum profit he's/she's trying to unload them for a reason. They often are listed as "barn find" but even if they are they should be cleaned enough to know what shape they're in.
I see more desirable pieces on ETSY than eBay but even then you still need to use common sense with at least some knowledge before pulling the trigger.
Hope this helped some. Good luck and welcome to CIC.
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