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Default Finally, Another one from my home state of California.

A while back I picked up an American Brass & Iron chicken fryer & lid. Combined they probably weigh 50lbs. Was not impressed with the casting, & really not impressed by the weight being as I had to lug it all the way out of the flea market with a few other pieces. You can see it HERE if you really want to.

BUT... A few weeks ago, on my way out of the flea market. Tired, Hot (It's been around 100f here for months) I spotted two pieces sitting on top of an old suitcase. On enameled, and one that looked like it had alligator skin on the outside, and about 1/8" coat of still runny oil/grease on the inside. *Yuck* I couldn't tell what brand it was, but the smooth inside, and the handle had me curious. "How Much?" "Five dollars" "Sold"

I brought it home, and too curious to wait for the lye to do it's thing, I scrapped off just enough of the 1/4" thick crud off the bottom at the 12 o' clock position that I could see:


COOL!!!! A piece made 60 miles down the road from me. It's not old, it's not particularly rare, it's not the greatest thing I've found lately, but I like it.

1 week in the lye, about half the crud came off, after 2 weeks, all clean.

Curious about exactly how much crud was on it, I weighed the skillet before and after cleaning. 2574 grams before, 2460 grams after.

Renfrow Ware L.A. No. 8 Skillet.

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