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Default Re: Painted Cast Iron - Useable?

Originally Posted by DaleR View Post
I have always used lye to remove paint from cast iron, achieving the desired results. I would guess the biggest concern would be lead based paints, and they do sell lead test kits. I can't scientifically tell you one way or another, but I do have a user that was painted. Although it was "artistically" painted with acrylic paint.
Most industrial strength paint remover is lye based, so lye is the go to method for removing paint.

Lead based paint is not really an issue. Lead paint is only an issue when cracking off and flaking. This is because it has a sweet flavor and little children with devolping brains would eat lots of the paint chips and get enough lead in their system to cause developmental problems.

Any microscopic amounts of paint left in any part of the pan would contain almost no lead as there was only a tiny bit of lead (0.05 grams) per gallon of lead paint.

The amount of lead in an entire gallon of lead paint equals the average amount of lead normally found in the bodies of 10 adults.

A gallon of water contains approximately 100,000 "drops". So one drop of lead paint on a skillet would at the maximum expose you to 1/10,000 of the amount of lead already in your body. Any residual paint would probably be less than one drop worth.

The only real concern with lead and cast iron is when a pan has been used to melt lead, and much higher concentrations of lead exist.
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