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Default Help - Skillet Identity Please?

Hi - New to the forum, and not a lot of background on Cast Iron other than I bought 3 Lodge pans new about 10 years ago and been using them ever since...

HOWEVER... my Wife has inherited this pan from her Mother, who got it from her mother etc... Now we have not used it... (probably will be relegated to the BBQ due to the Ring on the bottom and the glass top stove) - I did season it once (While I was doing some maint on the Lodges) and that is the extent of treatment given to this pan since acquiring it. It's pretty smooth in the pan but there are a few deep pits - not sure how that effects the value or collectability it may (or may not) have etc... (other than sentimental value)

Now I did look through the forums a bit and tried to identify it, but I am not sure exactly what to be looking for. I THINK it is a Highland Foundry of Boston, late 1800s perhaps?

Anyone able to give some insight into this Pan?

Image Image

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A Couple of more Pictures of that same Pan... if it helps

Image Image

Thanks in advance folks!
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