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Default Cooking with a Hinged-double Skillet???

My first post. Hello all! Glad to be here. I've been around cast iron cookware my whole life (grew up in central Illinois, now in California) and saw cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens being used by my mom and grandma as their prime (even "exclusive", for many years) stove top cookware. I've just discovered my love for it and started picking up a few pieces for home and camping. In my "studies", I came across hinged, double skillets. What was the idea behind these? Were they just a "value-added" Dutch oven? What kinds of things would they or would I use a hinged skillet for? Anyone here cook in them? I don't have one, never seen one in person, don't know of anyone who ever had one, but I think I need one! Lol.
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