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I don't use a self cleaning oven any more but had very good luck with one. Just no wire handles in the oven. And I have always and continue to use a 6" wire wheel on a bench grinder with great results and no damage. It's all in how you manage the wheel and the type of wheel. I use lye then wire brush then, after a scrub with comet and rinsing I will heat the pan slightly and coat with solid crisco then wipe dry. This is all the protection the pans need in my dry CA environment. When I want to use a pan I just use it and let it season itself, no multiple coats and in and out of the oven nor vinegar and all that rigamarole. But there are many different ways to clean and restore and you have to find what works best for you. I chose my methods when no information was readily available in the 1970s.
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