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Default Re: Calling all Canadians

Bringing this back to the top - anyone else have some Canadian cast kicking around?

Originally Posted by MikeZ View Post

A little late in coming, but here's a picture of my McClary trivet No. 9, X591. I'm assuming you already have a pix (or the actual piece) of the Drip Top Spider that has been discussed. I tried to submit a picture of mine, which I had originally submitted on 04/01/2015, but the system wouldn't let me (or my wife, as the case is).

The wire lifters on the trivet are interesting.
I managed to find a Number 9 Drip Top Dutch oven, came with the original X591 trivet. Then came across the X591 trivet like yours with handles. The handled trivet doesn't slide all the way into the dutch due to the handles sticking out but it'll be handy for roasts or chicken.
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