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Default Re: Day Trip Birthday Picking

Originally Posted by MDFraley View Post
The old plane is a Stanley "Bailey" #5C with three patent dates made around 1918. My second hobby is restoring those old things and try to get them back in the work force. Never know who may need one living "off the grid" it's cordless lol.
Bailey #5C, Very Nice. I have had quite a few Stanley planes over the years and restored them all and sent them to new homes. I still have the first one I purchased for my tool box years ago. It never sees any use anymore.

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Originally Posted by Bonnie Scott View Post
Hi Jeffrey, it's good to talk to you, it been a while. I really like these unidentified skillets with the pointy handles. The cooking surfaces are really smooth. We have been finding a few high bases for griswolds lately which is good because we had some paddles with no bases. I thought about you when we came across one of the old gooseneck iron teapots. Are you still collecting the old ones?
I had a Griswold WI set without a base for a long time, but have since found one if it makes it here in one piece.

Are you still collecting the old ones? Yes, but finding new homes for them but not my Maine iron, staying with me.

Same back to you, life goes on. I have stopped adding to my Griswold collection, but never stopped my gate marked collection.

First choice for a skillet for myself so thin and light so I can have a larger piece of my grass feed beef. The real good stuff.
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