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Default Re: Day Trip Birthday Picking

Must be some sort of changes in Imgur that I can't figure out. Tried to reply to DMadden's question and add a couple new pics and lost everything. There was a #8 small logo Griswold, a #8 Wagner Ware, a #7 DO raised logo lid, a WW waffle iron w/ low base, a high WI base that had a wear-ever set of aluminum paddles (which I have no interest in) but the base is CI and goes w/ Griswold waffle irons. I'm attaching one pic of the teardrop type handle #8 skillet that has a heat ring (inset) with a single notch at 12 o'clock (pictured on the right) next to a #10 similar skillet we found about a year ago (same markings but no notches) that I have no idea the maker. Bot are well made and smooth cooking surfaces. Any ideas would be appreciated. The old plane is a Stanley "Bailey" #5C with three patent dates made around 1918. My second hobby is restoring those old things and try to get them back in the work force. Never know who may need one living "off the grid" it's cordless lol.
May try to come back and edit this post and add the second pic of the bottoms of the two pans in reference since the imgur won't allow album loading.
Here's the bottom pics of those pans.
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