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Default Re: Finding EBay Sellers That Specialize in Cast Iron?

It *does* make sense, thanks Doug. Being new to this, I still get wrapped up in going overboard when bidding on an eBay item - but fortunately, in all cases but one somebody else went overboard to a greater extent. My best experience has been buying an item listed with a price + OBO by a seller that is knows his/her stuff and isn't a jerk.

I look for items that are ready to use - I haven't the time or facilities to soak in lye and de-rust. I'm not a collector, I purchase items with the intent to cook and the hang on a wall or kitchen pot hanger to avoid the need to nest them in a cabinet.

I see that you're the administrator? If so, please know that this is a great site, it provides info and insite - and it's fun. Well done, Doug.

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Thank you, Steven C., for your insight!
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