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Default Re: Advice on Best Brand/age to Cook With?

I collect for cooking mostly and have cooked with most major manufactures wares so far. I think it depends on what you are trying to do really. Thin light pans heat more quickly and is easy on the wrist compared to thicker walled pans. Try early Griswold, Wagner, or Vollrath. These are great for a quick pan fry or sautee.

Thicker pans are great for their heat retention and even heating. I use these for searing, braising, baking, and frying. Try BSR, Lodge, and Martin.

I have some single notch Lodge pans that are smooth as glass and quite thin-walled also. I love Martin hamburger logo pans as an all-around user as it seems to me to have a nice mix of all positive characteristics. I also love my Red Mountain BSRs. All pans are different so evaluate each pan for its best use and then use it!
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