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Default Re: Help - Skillet Identity Please?

Originally Posted by Doug D. View Post
The ability to attribute pieces of this vintage to a maker without at least some identifying markings is rare. What information suggested Highland Foundry?
A very fair question

As I was searching I could not find any pans that even looked remotely similar however the deeper I dug I did find this link... Early Cast Iron Skillets by someone named Steve Stephens. Now if you scoot down the page you find this image....

Now with this image he gives a description, and this excerpt...
At the right are H.F. Co. marked skillets Nos. 6-7, 7-8, 8-9, 9-10, and 10-12. The double size marking would indicate that each skillet would fit two different stove size lids. Some of these skillets also have a patent date on the bottom June 10, 1879.
Ok so similar pans with single pour spouts.. and Ornate type handles (but not identical)... closest I have seen so far... then I saw the top part of the handle close to the pan... and here is the same on my pan - blown up a bit.

Now I am not saying I am right... just showing where I came to with my research so far... and hoping someone may point out if I am right or wrong (Probably the latter LOL)...

One note though, I am in Newfoundland Canada, and in the years before confederation with Canada (in 1949) - we had strong trade ties with Boston... so I thought the Highland Foundry of Boston kinda made sense...

Now I may very well be way out in left field - grasping at straws

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Originally Posted by SeanD View Post
I have to say its from the 1800s, probably 1880s......very nice condition too.....Im liking that handle, lol. Its unique to say the least. Oh....and Welcome to The Forums!!!
Thanks very much! The condition part I am having a hard time with cause I guess I really don't know what I am looking for / no frame of reference... Guess that comes with time
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