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Originally Posted by Dale Leland View Post
I will have to try starting in a cold pan. I also have trouble with bacon sticking to the bottom of my pan.
I am fairly new to cooking w/ci, my major problem is that no matter what i cook, if i use bread crumbs, they instantly stick to the bottom of the pan. This happens in all of my pans, even if fried eggs slide out of them, anything w/ bread crumbs will i missing something?
Practice and technique. Bread crumbs are one of those things where they have to be properly adhered to the food, the pan has to be the right heat, and the food has to cook at the right rate. The crumbs will release from the pan when cooked, but if you cook too long they burn back to the pan. It's a tough one.

Do you ready your coated food for a few minutes before moving to the pan after dredging? Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the batter/food adhesion to work right. If not, the breading will come off regardless of how well you cook it.
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