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Default Re: Coating exterior with dish soap before open fire cooking?

How rusty is that iron? A little rust? 80 grit sandpaper. Some hands remove the stuff, the light rust?? Put the "brillo" or other soapy steel scrubber thing, with some water. Wipe clean, if still rusty repeat.
Build a rip roaring fire over a suspended grill, make sure the fire is lapping, or kicking into the cast iron DO. Coat the DO in lard, yes old fashion lard, pure pig fat. It won't kill you. Keep an eye on the DO and use gloves, a hook or a tire tool to turn the DO. When the iron starts to smoke, heat slowly and brush more lard inside and out, remove. Cool. Coat with more lard and return to the fire, I have a nice hook to keep the leather gloves you will need to adjust the iron, from steaming the hands. Allow the fire to cool down as the DO cools. Stoke the fire again, and replace the DO, bean pot, or any other piece of cast iron you want to season. Dark, black seasoning, non-stick. This takes practice. That's half the fun. Live and learn.
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