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Thumbs up Re: Can Anyone Help Me Identifying These Items?

Doug, thanks a lot for your input! Haha, a small piece of me is very irritated about having bought something that’s not authentic. However, I have made some serious zucchini bread, cornbread and banana bread with the pans. They seem to be of good quality even with it being a knockoff.

Unlrelated, I hear that a lot of people have a big issue with the surface of newer cast iron pans being “rough” in texture. I have a large Lodge cast iron pan that I got a while back. I’ll say that with normal use, that roughness has virtually disappeared as the seasoning has built up. What I liked most about the older pans was the weight. It was a relief not having to lift that heavy thing. I saw a guy on the internet buying some cheap Lodge pans and refinishing them so that they mirrored the pans of the past. He was charging 100 dollars... to each their own.
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