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Default Re: Happy finds and a little help identifying

Thanks, Doug and Steve.

I guess I should be pretty happy with $20 on the Turks Head pan! It looks like the back of it it black enamel. It's think because I can see small bits of iron in places where it's rubbed against other pieces. If it's original, obviously I don't want to risk damaging it. Is this more likely someone's idea of making it a nice display piece? It's not on the top.

Senior Aluminum: yes, I have an SCO. Perhaps I should sell as is, or possibly after the SCO? Any idea what I could likely sell it for? It is a little warped but then it was only $5.

Sounds like a reasonable price then on the R&E. Two of their other pans are for sale on eBay currently but I didn't see any solds.

I didn't think to compare the NES pan to the griddle/sad iron heater. I think you guys are right; the fonts of the B and S look the same on the two pieces. Any idea of value?

Sounds like I should return and get at least the long pan and the R&E, if not the Barstow Stove NES pan.
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