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Default Re: Happy finds and a little help identifying

Originally Posted by LeeJohnson View Post
Went back to a local antique mall I go to sometimes. I bought the first pieces there recently. Much more and better stuff than before.

I bought a Wagner Ware P/N 1339 Turks Head Muffin Pan for a fraction of value in the BB.
Nice find. Those don't come up too often.

The other piece I bought was what looks like a chrome or nickel plated cast iron WWSO Krusty Korn Kob pan P/N 456 except it's light like aluminum. I think it's a senior but am not sure.
456 would be the senior aluminum c/n. Cleaning it won't be fun; you don't want to use electro or lye on aluminum. Have a SCO?

The same dealer had the following:
R&E MFG Co. gem pan with the Waterman patent date.

Is $25 a good price for this?
I have that same pan, and think I gave $20 plus shipping, so...

Also, there was New England Style pan labeled 1 or 11 Barstow Stove Company Prov. R. I. Does anyone have an idea of a good price for that? Was also about $25.
Nice markings, unusual piece. $25 seems about top end but OK.

Lastly, the was a small griddle/sad iron heater that couldn't have been longer than 18". It was labeled B.S. No. 2. Gate mark on the bottom. I think it was $30. Is my assumption correct that this is a marked early BSR piece? What would be a good price?
Not like any BSR I've seen. My guess, looking at the #11 roll pan, is that the BS stands for Barstow Stove.
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