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Default Re: Wok Vs CI for Asian Stir Fry?

Originally Posted by JonB View Post
I have always used my CI skillet for stir fry. I have developed a technique that works to my satifaction.

A couple weeks ago, I buy my first Wok, a inexpensive uncoated carbon steel with flat bottom. I seasoned it and tried it. It's seems OK, but it's kind of bulky on the stove and I think I like CI better, at least using my technique.
Does anyone else here Stir fry in CI?

Side note, I see Lodge has a CI Wok...I can't even imagine moving that heavy thing around...and another large item for storage?
Personally, I would use the wok for stir fry. The wok is made to cook with the flame of the stove on full blast. Most stoves donít even produce a big enough flame to be truly effective. The flame is actually supposed to travel up the sides of the wok and heat the walls. So... a glass or electric stove wonít give you the desired effect. But, with technicalities aside, you can produce a quality stir fry with a cheap frying pan if your technique is good.
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